Monday, June 14, 2010

Sleepy Feeling

Woke up too early this morning and stayed up too late last night. Damned Tony awards.

I wasn't going to watch it, I swear. Just the opening song and dance stuff and then a bit of the beginning to see if the host was any good. Then, during the opening, Green Day was on stage and performed "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and "Holiday," not necessarily in that order.

The performance was really good, but my favorite part was the mixed reaction from the audience. A few people were really excited; there was one lady who had a giant grin on her face as she clapped along with the music. Most were politely clapping in time. The rest looked baffled, annoyed, and a bit scared, all at the same time. That made me laugh.

The rest of the show was entertaining. Lots of spectacle, some seemingly odd winners, and a some laughs.

Now I sit here, yawning, with the ever so light touch of a developing headache, singing and re-singing Julia Nunes's "Maybe I Will." (You should really go watch the YouTube video. Sorry I can't link you to it.) Yes, I have an ohrwurm. And it wasn't even the last song I heard before I turned myPod off.

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