Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Stupid Song That I Like Listening To

"An Old Fashioned Love Song"
Whether it be Three Dog Night or Paul Williams singing it, I enjoy the hell out of it.

I post because it just started playing on myPod and wanted to share with all y'all.


AE said...

I also enjoy that 'stupid song'. I don't think of it, though, a a guilty pleasure and do readily admit how much I enjoy it. Gordon Lightfoot, however, I may never admit aloud to enjoing...

ticknart said...

I don't know if I'd call it a guilty pleasure either because I really, really like it, but it has stupid/silly lyrics matched with a great tune.

"Just an old fashioned love song
Playing on the radio
And wrapped around the music
Is the sound of someone promising they'll never go

You'll swear you've heard it before
As it slowly rambles on
No need in bringing 'em back
'Cause they've never really gone

Just an old fashioned love song
One I'm sure they wrote for you and me
Just an old fashioned love song
Coming down in three part harmony

To weave our dreams upon and listen
To each evening when the lights are low
To underscore our love affair
With tenderness and feeling that we've come to know"

It's stupid. But I still like it, a lot.

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