Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Post in the Ongoing Saga of My Boss is an Asshole

A few weeks ago, my boss decided to fuck with the schedule with out asking the person who looks at the schedule for nearly 40 hours a week what it would do. What it did was take away the wiggle room we had on 2nd watch on Sundays. Before, if someone called in sick we didn't necessarily have to bring someone else in. Now, we have to bring in another person or work short.

Today, without talking to the person who looks at the schedule for nearly 40 hours a week, my boss decided to move one of the nurses off her current shift (which is Tuesday through Saturday) and onto an open(ish) shift (which is Monday through Friday). Guess what this does... It leaves us one person short, every week, 2nd watch on Saturdays. This classification of nurses is not know for volunteering for overtime. We have no Permanent Intermittent Employees of this class. And the only registry nurse of this class we have isn't allowed to actually do the work of this class (because my boss is an asshole).

Odds are, we will be forcing overtime on one of two nurses ever week for at least a month. At least they'll be able to switch off weeks, right?


Positive THoughts said...

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ticknart said...

I checked out your blog, but not for Jesus's sake, for my own curiosity. And while I appreciate what you're writing about, thinking positive and acting in a positive manner won't get my boss to stop being a useless asshole. I've taken positive steps, such as sending out applications to other jobs, to get away from this shit situation, but having the entire nursing staff try and keep this guy from fucking up the place has barely worked for the last six months and we're getting pretty damn tired of covering his mistakes. And hoping for his failure isn't very positive, is it?

cbeck said...

Not to be sacrilegious, but the comment by Positive THoughts brought images of Will Ferrel sitting at a table praying "Dear lord baby Jesus, or as our brothers to the south call you, hey-zeus..."

Ok, I will go take my needs-to-be-banned comments elsewhere now.

ticknart said...

Please, be sacrilegious. I'm a fan.