Sunday, November 16, 2003

About the Moon

"You should call it blue belle luna cafe" --Your Bro

I didn't choose the name, the teacher did. She did let me pick "Cafe," though. It could have been bistro. Ugh!

"Don't much care for the way that the stringy (spaghettiesque) graphc ties into the text." --SlackBastard

The spaghetti added character. At first it was just the moon and the text, kinda boring. Short spaghetti didn't work, it had to be long enough so a person could tell what it's supposed to be.

"are you limited on how many different color you can use?" --wingb

I could only use two colors (for those who don't know, black is a color). I choose this orangy color (and it is only one color, just different intensities of the color) because it was different enough to make me look at it a second time and the yellow made the moon look more like a bannana.

"oh...hate the moon''s lips...too big" --wingb

Anytime I draw a face (in my own cartoony way), I draw big lips. I can't help it, I like drawing big lips. They add character, I think.

"the moon seems rather puzzled by the spaghetti" --~o

Not happy? I had another version where the moon was slurping spaghetti. It's mouth was in an "O" shape with a noodle dangling below. My teacher said it looked like a worm.

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