Sunday, November 16, 2003

Tonight's Simpsons or "I thought Madonna owned this one."

Tonight's Simpsons was spectacular. I think it was the best episode in the past three years (not counting the Halloween episodes). I swear that I can not remember almost any episode that was released in many seasons, the show's just not as good as it once was, but this episode has given me hope for the fifteenth (I think) season.

For those who had no idea until the episode ended, it was a brilliant parody of Evita by Tim Rice (good) and Andrew Lloyd Weber (overrated). As soon as Lisa opened her mouth to sing the first song, I knew what it was and burst out laughing. The best was the song during her makeover. The line "Osh-Kosh B'gosh me" had tears in my eyes, I got the hiccups.

There's something about musical parodies that get my humor rising. I'm sure it's more work for the writers, but I want more. Or an original musical episode, like the one on Futurama last year, that was brilliant. Give me more.

Now, you, READ this now and think about it.

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