Tuesday, November 25, 2003

What I like on TV, Part 1.

Okay, sweeps is basically over and it's now time to hash out what I think about TV. Let's go down the list of shows I watch.

Everwood: After writing about how much I love Freaks and Geeks earlier this week, I felt real guilty sitting down and watching. This show is like a sadder version of Dawson's Creek, but it still tries to tell teens (I'd like to write "people" there, but it's all about teens, isn't it?) how they should be and what they should do, but I enjoy the show. The best episode so far was the one about the coal mining accident. I loved the James Earl Jones part, Art Tatum kicks ass.

Gilmore Girls: The most common complaint I read on the internet is that "no one speaks like that in real life." For me, that's part of the enjoyment of the show. It's like the way the characters speak in "Clerk," quick, witty comments that show a great vocabulary for each characters. While I was impressed with the painting episode and the "Rory writes and honest review" episode, the best has been the football game (last weeks). The drunkenness of the "adults," the goofy-ass traditions, Paris getting her picture taken, the weird-o Luke hired, and the date between Lorelei and the-guy-who-used-to-be-Malcolm-in-the-Middle's-teacher. I seriously can't get enough of this show. The best thing on the air.

Star Trek: Enterprise: The show just sucks in general. I watch it for two reasons: 1 Out of loyalty to Trek. 2 Dr. Phlox always shines. The best episode so far is the "Memento" episode, but it still wasn't very good.

Smallville: I read comics, therefore I try to support comics in other media. I was happily surprised when it was good, and it now continues to be, although I can't stand that Lana character. Easily the best episode was the one that was on last week. The commercial for it said "it's the episode where you can't miss the last five minutes." That wasn't quite true, but the very end was great. I used to think the Lex was the best character on the show, but last year the producers had his dad join the cast full time, and he's the best. The easiest way to see how great he is is by watching last weeks episode. Damn, that's one great character and a pretty good actor to boot.

Okay, that covers the first three days of the week and exactly half of the days with shows I'm addicted to. Part 2 should come tomorrow.

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