Thursday, November 13, 2003

Raising the Dead and other stories

Someone wants to learn embalming. I'm guess it's so she can utter incantations over the cleansed bodies and raise them to create an army of undead, probably so they can steal more shoes, better shoes, more expensive shoes. Not the best reason to raise the dead (that belongs to this guy and his bid for the presidency three years ago), but a good enough reason. However, I support her and her desire to raise the dead, because it's always better to be on the winning side, right? At the very least, kissing her ass may get me my very own zombie to order around. Comic shops beware, you cannot stand up against my drippy-fleshed army of one! (I say drippy-fleshed because I don't expect her to give me a properly embalmed/raised zombie. If I were her, I'd keep all the good ones for myself, wouldn't you?)

Elsewhere in California, I got an e-mail from a person who's been to Australia and isn't in my links over to the right. While I haven't gotten any details yet, I know that she was there for longer than the other two, and had no business to attend to. I expect she saw more then. If you want to bombard her with questions why don't you send her lots of questions, then send the answers to me since I'm sure that I'll forget to ask lots of things.

Saw a movie last night. No, it was not the new Matrix. I will not see that until someone asks me to go. I figured since I didn't really like the first one and outright hated the sequel I won't much like the third one. However, I've told myself many times that if someone wants to go see a movie (that I haven't seen yet) I'll go check it out with them. So far, the Matrix sequel has been the worst movie I've seen under this policy. I've been lucky. Anyhow, the movie I saw is called Winged Migration. It's about birds flying (and swimming) in their yearly migration. The filmmakers must have filmed fifty different species and it was amazing. One shot, they followed a duck through a canyon-thingy. No cut-aways and, according to the opening credits, no special effects while filming the birds flying. How they got so close to these flying birds, I'll probably never know, but it was great to watch.

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