Wednesday, October 29, 2008

APE 2008

I've been planning on NOT going to APE this year. I've been to the last five and enjoyed myself, but I knew that a few of my favorite booth people aren't going to be there and there's the whole it's-hard-to-enjoy-life-when-everything-suck thing that's going on with me and work and my general down-ness.

However, now that I know that Jeph Jacques and Jennie Breeden are going to be there, the thought of staying in my apartment all weekend has become less palatable.


heels said...

Do people dress up for that one?

ticknart said...


There may be a "booth babe" or two hanging out, but mostly it's about seeing the diversity of stories that are created in comics. (Any superhero books will most likely star a hero you and John have never heard of.) It also celebrates the diversity of the creators.

Jazz said...

That looks cool... Can I go with you?

ticknart said...

If you can make it to "the city by the bay" by Saturday, sure.

'Course, I'm still not sure I'm going.

Anonymous said...

wait, people DO dress up for APE!
Anyway, let me know if you want to meet up okie?


ticknart said...

The people who dress up (or at least the vast majority of them) for APE are paid to dress up for APE.

I'm not going. Rain makes the bus ride so much worse and heavy rains (which are expected) may flood the freeway.