Monday, October 20, 2008


I plan to do as well as I did last year.


heels said...

Just so you know, Cole has been enthralled by the comics you gave him, and it has sparked an even greater love of superheroes (mostly Superman) than even before. We had to find the Super Friends/Justice League cartoons from Netflix, and he has asked for them every single day. Thanks a lot! No really- Thanks!

ticknart said...

Glad he likes them so much. I hope you guys don't end up feeling like you're being tortured by them.

Sorry about Super Friends, Wendy and Marvin are really rough to watch once you're over the age of 6.

And don't show him the Justice League stuff that came out a few years ago until you and John feel comfortable with him watching the Batman cartoon from the 90s. The Superman one from that era is less punchy than Batman, but you may think he's still too young even for that.