Thursday, October 16, 2008

Photo Phursday

#3 in a series of 3 signs.
Click for embiggening.


AE said...

Remember Joe V the Volcano? My first instinct with 'beauty' surrounded in hammerheads was the scene you'll surely remember and I ought not explain for space-saving purposes.

I'm often drawn to that movie, particularly the first half which I find more seriously reflective rather than the second, more ludicrous, portion ... but life is made up of both, isn't it?

Reflection and absurdity.

Though the second seems more fun, what with danger and adventure, it is always more absurd, in my mind, when intermingled with reflection, rather than standing on its own.

I like this sign and wonder, where is it posted? a parking or no parking as it looks like one? And around what other buildings?

Is it truly absurd? Is it reflective? ...

ticknart said...

It's in the corner of a parking lot near the entrance. The closest building is a bank, that's the wall you see behind it. The rest is a long block of buildings that have many restaurants.

It is not painted on the back of a sign. It is a sign unto itself.

AE said...

Perhaps it takes the place of a 'proper' sign? Or is it graffiti?

ticknart said...

It seems to me that the sign, along with the other two, just appeared. Plus the sign's in a spot that just doesn't make sense for a "proper" sign.

Most of the art stuff that I've posted were done for the City Arts Department and I think that's what these signs were made for also. Of course, there's no way for me to know for sure.