Sunday, October 19, 2003

Insomnia, I am your Bitch

Since school started this semester, I've been a bit of an insomniac, which I've never been before. For some of you, this is your normal time, for me it's not and, until recently, never has been. I'm a morning person. (I can hear the groans from all over the world, or maybe it's just the voices again.) I swear, that when I finally fall asleep tonight, I'll be awake by nine AM at the latest. If I fell asleep right now and slept that late, it'll be a whole six hours of sleep for me. On a weekend, that just isn't fair.

Sleeplessness aside, I've been getting a lot more reading done recently. I finally finished the wonderful Hyperion Cantos, which ended better than I thought and also exactly as I expected. (Raul should have gotten the hint early on from what Aenea was saying. What a moron.) I've also read/re-read the Artemis Fowl books. Sure, they're called children's books, but when a ten year old is blackmailing the fairy-folk for much gold, there's fun for all ages. I burned through the first two Lord of the Rings books. For some reason, I figure it's a good idea for me to read them again before the last movie. It gives me a better ability to nitpick, I guess.

Many a comics have been read too. Much Ultimate Spider-man and Ultimate X-Men. All issues of JSA, JLA, and Planetary round out my major superhero reading. On the non-superhero side of the comic realm, all of the Transmetropolitian issues to be found in this house, about a third of all the issues. Also fifty issues of Bone (the most fun and funniest fantasy comic ever published), and the two mini-series that go along with it. And tonight, I just started re-reading Strangers in Paradise, I found almost seventy issues on eBay for pretty cheap about a year ago (when I had a job and could afford to buy tons of comics from eBay) and it was worth way more what I spent on the books, not only cover price, but in the amazing story and characters as well.

(I sense that there are no new comic converts out there. Those who don't actually spend money on comics will continue to not spend money on comics. You will continue to ridicule those who do. However, there are a few out there who may think, "Maybe this loser is right and there is some artistic and literary value to comic books. Nah, I'm just fooling myself. This guys just a fat freak who live in his parents basement and doesn't want to feel like such a dork." And you'd be right, except for the basement part, I have my own room, thank you very much.)

I was working on a submission for the Marvel Comics Imprint,
Epic, which has been suspended. Damn, I had a whole four issue miniseries all plotted, I only had to write down page layouts and dialogue. They are still offering submissions, but that's only for short Spider-man and X-Men stories, from regular continuity, not Ultimate continuity. (Ask me to explain the differences, if you dare.) And my mini was based on a totally new character that is far more closely related to the Fantastic Four. Maybe one day Epic will be back up and I'll be able to submit to their evil will.

On the plus side, I've actually started plotting a novel in my funny little notebook. In it, I'm ripping off an idea from Joe DePage, an idea from William Faulkner (although not his brilliant writing technique, I'll never be able to do that), and there will, hopefully, be plenty from good old me.

Will it ever see type on a computer screen?
Who knows?
If it does, will it ever get finished?
That's a long shot.
What about published?
I doubt it.
Will you let others read it if it isn't?
Have you no faith in me?
Very little.
But you do have some?
I said very little, but I do have some
Well... maybe, if your relatively nice to me.
That's a tall order, will it be worth it?
I hope so.

Okay, that’s all from me for this early morning.

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