Saturday, October 18, 2003


I figure that it's a good idea for me to have at least one post a day for my first week of blogging. Anyone disagree with me? Is it because you don't like my writing, or do you just hate me? (As if anyone really reads my bullshit anyway.) Yeah, and thats why I don't read your blog either.

Anyway, I saw the movie Hackers for the first time tonight (it sucked, bigtime) and was shocked at the way computers were represented. All of those floating letters and brilliant colors, since when did the world of hacking ever look like that? ...Uh... Never. That's right, as glamerous as that movie wants hacking to look like, it doesn't. It's all about fat, ugly guys and greasy gals who think the world owe them something. Fuck them. And fuck movie makers who don't want to think about reality when they make a movie.


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