Friday, October 17, 2003

The truth about acting.

As I was flipping through the channels this evening, I came across Universal Soldier. There was that Van Damme guy with some glass thing over one of his eyes. During the two minutes of viewing, I once again realized that moviestardom should not be based on looks, but on actual acting ability. What ever happened to the good looking actor who could actually do a good job with the role? What happened to actual acting by actors?

And then, I asked myself, “What happened to actual acting in politics?” We here, in stupid California, have elected a very poor actor as governor, and that scares me. At least with soon to be ex-governor Davis made me believe it when he said that he was going to try to fix the budget (he kinda ignored all the other problems that I see around the state, like education). He was damn good at staying calm and speaking clearly in front of people who wanted to shove the podium up his ass. I think he could be a decent actor, better than Arnie, but who isn’t, really? Maybe theirs is another guy that bad.

The guy in the White House, Mr. Bush Junior, is a crappy actor too. He can not say half the words in his speeches. Shouldn’t the guy who pretends to be the president of a nation be able to pronounce the words that are written for him, at least his lack of ability to say words proves that his writers haven’t stooped to spelling things phonetically (fo-net-ik-al-ee), but that can’t be too far off, and that’s a scary thought.

These guys being elected is somewhere in the book of Revelations, it just has to be.

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