Saturday, October 18, 2003

Newest Enterprise, or "Hoshi, be myslave"

Hoshi finally gets an episode (almost) worth watching!

Since the beginning of this, the fourth Star Trek spin-off, Hoshi has been my second favorite character (Dr. Phlox being the best), but she hasn't had an episode worth watching. The most recent was closest.

This week found the ship still "searching" for the Xindi in the [Something] Expanse, plagued by visual distortion that make sparks and bend stairs. Our intrepid communications officer, that's Hoshi, folks, hears and sees someone and thinks she's hallucinating. She isn't, of course, visits the guy on a planet, where he's the only "person". He's ugly, and thus begins Star Trek meets Beauty and the Beast, with a less happy ending, but a happy ending none the less. The Beast, for lack of his name in the show, ends up blackmailing Hoshi to get her to stay with him. Will she stay with The Beast, or will she go back to the ship? Take a guess after I ask you to remember the ending of every other episode of Star Trek. Now what do you think she does?

That was my guess too.

The B-story involves The Main 3 (Captain, First Officer, and Chief Engineer for those who haven't watched as much as me), the goofy distortion, and another big sphere causing the problems. Excitement doesn't abound in this storyline, but there is a runaway shuttle-pod, that was fun.

In the end everything works out and I was left with the feeling that nothing was accomplished, and if it was, the viewers won't be in on it until sweeps next month because next week is back to the ultra-shitty season premier. This episode isn't great, but neither has this whole show, but for those of us who prefer Hoshi to T'pol, it was pretty good.

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