Monday, October 20, 2003


Which Dani may start using soon after reading her last Blog entry. As much as I love that girl, sometimes she makes me nervous.

Hello, my name is Josh, and I watch TV that people who say they have taste would never set eyes on. Last winter (Decemberish, if I remember correctly) I became horribly addicted to, what has been reffered to as a "girl's" show, by many. This summer, I became horribly addicted to a huge "teen angst" show. (I can hear the shocked gasps, but it get worse.) They're both on the WB. One is on Monday (duh), I was watching it as I was writing e-mail tonight. And the other is on Tuesday. What are they called? "Gilmore Girls" and "Everwood." I can't help myself. At least with "Gilmore Girls" I can kinda blame it on the hot women folk who appear on the screen, but I can't say that about "Everwood," can I? "Gilmore Girls" does have some of the snappiest dialogue on TV right now, and "Everwood" make my highschool years look a lot better than I remember them being. Still, I have a disease, but I like that disease, I like these shows. I pray, however, that it never infects you.

I'm off to Modesto to take a test on Wednesday. It's so I can be considered for a job in the post office. I don't want to deliver the mail (I hate to drive folks, you'll rarely hear me offer to drive anyone anywhere). I want to be one of those people who sort the mail in the back room, or one of those people who sell stamps and weigh packages. That's always struck me as a cool job. Plus, I could work anywhere in the country. That sounds cool to me.

At school, I've finished creating my mother's web-site through using only HTML. It was much trouble. I think it turned out well. My Mom thinks it turned out good (except, since it was due today and and I was finishing yesterday she suddenly had tons of ideas, ugh). The class seemed to think it was nice, one guy said it was "simple, but I like how easy to look at and use it is." That was nice. At a meeting that happened later, my Dad was told by the teacher that she thought it was a good site. I think I'm gonna pass the class. What do you think?

Is it sad that I always hope that those people off to the right update their Blogs whenever I get online? I don't know yet. When PvP isn't posted, and I have the time, I become obsessed waiting for the new comic to be posted. Is that sad?

I need a job, I bet that would take away some of the obsessions I've developed.

And here's another:

Terror Alert Level
I wonder if we'll ever get to Cookie Monster or Oscar again. Or are we stuck on Bert or a more red Muppet to "keep the terrorists from winning"?

'Night, hopefully.

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