Monday, February 23, 2004

and it's old and it's over it's over now

It was a good weekend, and a, hopefully, lasting repercussion of it is that my first brother is blogging as Altered Ego, but under one of his comic character's names. Let's hope this lasts everone. He doesn't have comments yet, but we all know that blogging is more fun if there are comments, don't we?

I don't want to go into long winded detail of the weekend because I'm lazy. It was fun. I liked APE a lot. Listened to two panels (one with people who do daily/weekly comic strips and one about self publishing). Met Matt and Stesha's new puppy. Rode in Mom's new car. Had good pizza. Went to Jack London Square. Had lunch with Mojo and Michelle. Saw Otis's work, after visiting the two fake Starbucks in the same shopping center. Played Puerto Rico at Andrew's with Josh and Michelle and (surprise, surprise) Andrew, didn't meet the wife, though. Drove back to Sac in the late afternoon/early evening time. It rained off and on.

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