Monday, February 16, 2004

Day 7 of the ties-for-the-longest work week ever has come to an end.

Work was early, instead of late and I saw The Triplets of Belleville. It was beautiful, fantastic, and bizarre. I recommend it to everyone who has the chance. For those of you in Sonora, watch the Alternative Film Series stuff, it may show up there (and there seems to be some very interesting stuff coming up).

Heels posted an update, and it was at my request, not Slackbastard's. I asked for the update because it's not often you get to read a sentence that ends with "and get woken up at 2:30 in the morning by his screaming, but I love the little fucker" and know that it's actually meant by the person. Heels should write more often, she's way better than she gives herself credit for. As for what I was wearing, smellin' like coffee work clothes. Ahh. Wait. Did you want me to say that I was wearing those lacy underpants I took when I was visiting you guy up North all those years ago. They're baby blue, with white trim, and the name John is in the label. Damn, I guess I'll have to ajust all my fantasies based on those.

And I've heard news that someone may not be going to APE even after making a snarky comment about the attendence of others.

I'll be back tomorrow for another unvigerating trial from the ties-for-the-longest work week ever.

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