Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Day 8 of the ties-for-the-longest work week ever has come to an end.

Work was okay. I started out tired, and in the end was giddy. The last time I had a work week this long I became very surly on Day 9, hopefully that won't happen tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be about the same as I was today, it worked out okay. My coworkers didn't seem to care, of course they're paid to care about coffee, not people.

After work, 3PM, I got some crummy Chinese food. It tasted great, probably because I hadn't eaten since 1PM the day before. Sure, I had a hot chocolate at work, but is that really food?

After work I talked to people about the coming weekend, the wheres and the whens and the whos for Saturday. I'm still working on what may happen on Sunday, we'll see. E-mails have been sent. I await your responses. I hope something good can happen.

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