Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Day 9 of the ties-for-the-longest work week ever has come to an end.

And I don't think I was surly, just tired. Very, very tired. I think I'll be asleep before nine tonight. That's how tired I am.

So, I'm sure you've heard, Dean is no longer "actively seeeking" the nomination, but he won't be taking his name off the ballot. I was never sure that I wanted this guy to be the president, and I never actually thought that he could win againt Bush, but I think, considering the Democratic ballot, I would have voted for him in March. Now, I'm not sure. I'm not throwing my vote toward Kerry, I don't like him. He's too slick and polished. Too trickey. And I feel the same way about Edwards. Maybe I'll throw my vote toward Kucinich, even though he won't be getting the nomination. He seems to speak more toward my way of thinking than those other two. Honestly, if I didn't think it was important to vote, I don't think I'd vote for anyone for the nomination. Sure, I'll be voting against Bush during the Presidential election, but at this moment I don't like the Democratic party, and I don't see that changing in the near future.

Oh, and I wonder what that Nihilo thinks about Dean now. I don't know him/her, but with that truebeliverism he/she had, I hope that he/she isn't too upset about his/her candidate dropping the election. Sorry about this Nihilo, I hope you can find another candidate worth putting your energy toward.

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