Thursday, February 12, 2004

Gilmore Girls and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Return


****I wrote most of this Tuesday night while waiting for Scrubs to come on, so I was in an odd frame of mind forcing myself to sit through Will & Grace, at least Karen made me laugh (Bartlet's Old Secretary: "Get your gun." Karen: "We don't have time for this, use mine.").****

End Disclaimer

I hate Jess.

I hate how he's a James Dean ripoff. I hate the way he has so little to say. I hate the way the little he says is so useless. I hat how I laugh harder at Luke when Jess is around (Luke: "We need to find a solution." Jess: "Birth control was the solution, but, well...").

Most of all, I hate the way he keeps breaking Rory's heart.

Two seasons ago, Jess came into the show to shake things up, to offer an alternative to that dick Tristan and boring Dean, and to put a young person on the show who has an IQ near Rory's, but doesn't have her ambition. He was kinda fun for that romantic tension between Rory and Dean and him (especially since he was compared to Tristan, who was more boring than Dean). As soon as he started dating Rory, though, he was only a jerk because there was no new tension in the show. He ignored her. He didn't do the things that she wanted to do, but always seemed to expect her to do what he wanted. The one thing she asked him to do for her (the Stars Hollow High prom) he didn't do (sure, it's because he flunked out of school, but if he really liked Rory, he would have made sure to go to school long enough to get those tickets). He lied about his job. And he left town without a word. (And then he made pathetic phone calls where he didn't say anything. This is not cute, it's creepy.)

Yes, all of that stuff was very much within character for Jess and that rebel-without-a-cause bullshit, but that doesn't help. I wanted him gone and even though he left in a jerkish manner I was glad he was gone and hoped that his spinoff would run so he'd stay away. I thought he was gone. Gone for good and for the better.

Anyone who watches the show knows he came back last week.

He came back, but fortunately didn't see Rory. I knew that he would appear in this weeks episode. You can't have him in town and not have him fuck with Rory and Luke and all the rest. I liked that he kept running away from Rory. It was like he actually had some remorse for what he did, like he was too embarrassed to face her. At least that's what I thought, but I was wrong, of course. He really screwed it up by telling Rory that he loves her.

He... Loves... Rory...

Then he ran away again. The chicken fucker.

Now Rory's broken again and it looks like she's turning to boring/married Dean for some fixin'. I was hoping he was gone for good too, but no.

So Jess is gone and I hate him more than ever. I hope he's gone for good, but I doubt it, not with the ending the show had the other night. I don't care if there are some people out there who are convinced that Jess just need the right girl to change him and now that he's admitted his love for Rory maybe she'll do it. To those of you who believe that I say stop smoking dope and get a view of real life. He won't change. He'll always be a selfish bastard (literally and figuratively).

The show is, over all, still very enjoyable, though.

Here's to hoping Doyle and Rory will go out on a date that will go horribly wrong.

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