Sunday, February 15, 2004

Day 6 of the ties-for-the-longest work week ever has come to an end.

It ended 15 minutes early too, which was good. It started with a customer throwing a cup sleeve and some sugar packets at me because I put the sleeve on his venti cup even though he asked me not to. I told him I had to put it on because it company policy. He told me I did not. I told him that I got in trouble with a district manager once for not doing it. His face turned red. I put his cup on the counter, with a sleeve. He threw the sleeve at me. I caught it. He grabbed several sugar packets and threw them at me then hurried for the door. The rest of the evening was better. At one point I was changing the garbage by the front door and noticed a couple (maybe a year or two younger than me) snogging on the couch. I stared out the window over their heads as I let the airy bag rise out of its can and felt like I was being watched. It was the snogging couple, glaring at me with watery, unfocused eyes in the middle of bright red faces. Apparently they didn't want to be watched, which was why they were in Starbucks tonight. I turned away from them so they could get it on in peace and thought it could be worse. They could be going down on eachother in the bathroom or having sex there and those always makes such messes.

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