Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Boa Reins

I'm not really in the mood to blog, which probably means I should blog. That leads me to wondering what to write about, though. Crap.

What about Sketchfu? Has everyone experienced Sketchfu, yet?

Heels showed it to me. She's pretty awesome at it. Her first big picture was one of her husband holding their son. (Although his hair doesn't stick up enough in the front. There shouldn't be any curve to it.)

Me? I suck. Great manatee god, I have enough trouble trying to draw anything meaningful using a pencil or pen, the mouse is nearly impossible.


heels said...


His hair really isn't that big anymore, and it really wasn't in the picture I was using for inspiration.

The mouse is nearly impossible, but it's still fun to see what people come up with. Even if the drawing is not as "skilled" it can be very funny or clever. You should try some more! I was looking forward to seeing what you'd come up with.

ticknart said...

I know his hair isn't that big, but it'll always be the way I picture it in my mind.

What I really enjoy about the Sketchfu is seeing you do some art again. I know you don't have time at home to do it, so this is great.

My art. Well, I always get frustrated. I start, get annoyed, erase, start again, get more annoyed, and quit. I'll try again, I promise.

Jazz said...

I love that. Except I can't draw at all, so there's not much point.