Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wedding Blues

I keep trying to find a witty way to open this post, which is about comics, for those out of the know, but it isn't working, so I'll go with my first thought:

Why the hell are Black Canary and Green Arrow getting married?

Yes, I know all about their history, from the flirting in early issues Justice League of America to the torture and infidelity of the Mike Grell era to the we-need-to-stay-apart stories in the last couple of years and I still don't want these two to get married.

Even though I could really get into the reason this is a mistake for the characters (Ollie's not going to change, or he will for a while, but when a new writer/editor takes over and is bored he's going to screw something much younger than Dinah. Dinah has a kid who's been trained as a murderer and with her time as JLA chairperson (chairwoman?) she can't be around much ("I'm sorry, Sin, but the JLA needs to head out into space for a while. We shouldn't be gone more than a week or two. Remember that Hot Pockets aren't enough, eat an apple or a carrot every now and then. Oh, and don't kill the neighbor while I'm away.") right now and handing this kid over to a guy with a stupid beard to take care of can't be the best thing for the child.) to get married, the thing that I like most about them being apart is the desire they have for each other by being apart.

I liked that when Black Canary found out Green Arrow was brought back to life that it affected her so much that she felt she had to leave the JSA. I like that it complicated her growing relationship with Dr. Midnight (although I think it could have been handled better). I like that Green Arrow feels a guilty for sleeping with a woman even though he and Black Canary aren't together. I like that when they are together, there's always tension. And I like that, on occasion, they'll jump in the sack together to relieve that tension.

The things that I like most about the relationship Green Arrow and Black Canary have is that they try so hard to stay apart because being together hasn't worked, but neither has staying apart. It's a wonderfully complicated relationship.

And maybe it'll stay that way when they get married. I don't know, but I also don't think it will. I think they'll turn into a well organized crime fighting team in costume and a squishy, happy couple out, sure they'll have argument, but when it's over they'll be all snuggle bunny and cuddle-kins with each other. I'm afraid that Sin will disappear and we'll all pretend that she never really existed because Ollie's kids are so much better developed, why do they need a new one? Hopefully it won't end up being this way, but I think it's a fair way to look at it.

One more thing, since they are getting married, after reading the DC Nation page for this weeks comics, I have to agree that the idea of Black Canary planning a wedding is hilarious. Personally, I think she'd start, realize what a pain it is, and suggest they elope; she was practically raised in a boxing gym, she'd want to get the ceremony over with as quickly as possible so she could move on to, what's supposed to be, the good part. Green Arrow would be the one fighting for a more traditional wedding. He grew up in society, after all, and one is only really married if they are married in front of their friends, a man of God, and God himself in society.

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