Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not In August, Maybe Never Again

I left my parents' house at eleven yesterday because my interview was scheduled for noon and, since I've been to that institution for four or five other interviews, I wanted to be there early to fill out the paperwork so my interview could start on time.

I arrived at the front desk at 11:30 and signed in. I told the guard that I had an interview and asked him if I could just head over to personnel to fill out the paperwork. He checked his list, marked my name of, and told me to sit. I sat and read. At 11:45 I asked him again if I could go fill out my paperwork. He told me that I couldn't and that they'd call me when they were ready for me. I sat and read, again.

At noon, the phone rang. The guard answered and uh-huhed for a while than came out from behind his counter and told me they were ready and proceeded to give me directions.

I went and filled out the papers then sat down outside the room where I was going to be interviewed and read. I was invited in at 12:10.

The first thing I noticed was how grumpy both of the people there looked. They looked at me like they were wondering why the hell I was there. It was lunch time, shouldn't I have been out somewhere so they could drink they're diet sodas and eat their over priced Weight Watchers's microwave meals? Why was I wasting their time? When I sat down, I saw their list of people and times for interviews and noticed that the person before me didn't show up, so it it hadn't been for me they would have been done with the whole process forty minutes earlier. Or maybe they knew who they wanted to hire before I even got there. If they did, why did they even schedule me for an interview?

I did the best I could. I smiled. I shook hands. I smiled wider. I made some jokes to try and get them to smile. I tried to make all my answers very positive. My cheeks hurt from all the smiling. And the two of them just looked at me like I was wasting their fucking time, like they were doing me a favor that someone else had promised to do for me but somehow they had it handed to them.

We were done at 12:30.

About 2/3rds of the way through my drive back here, my lower back started hurting. It still hurts. It hurts the most when I first stand up after sitting or laying down.

I'm not going to any interviews that may be scheduled in August. I'm tired of that kind of traveling. The only place I plan to go that month is to SF to watch Avenue Q with Wings.

As of this moment, I never want to go to an interview at that place in Cowtown ever again because after five or six interviews that haven't gotten me a position, I don't think I'm going to get hired there.


AE said...

How're you enjoying Salt?

geewits said...

So what town is Cowtown? That keeps throwing me off. I'm sorry your interview went poorly. Who knows? Maybe they are just weird and are going to hire you.

Jazz said...


That book looks fascinating. I have to find it...

ticknart said...

AE -- It's an odd mix of very interesting and kind of boring because the same thing is said over and over: People need salt. People find salt. People trade salt. People realize that they get more stuff if they trade salted goods. People trade salt goods.

One thing I realized, though, is that salt should play a much larger role in fantasy setting for roleplaying.

Geewits -- Cowtown is in the foothills of the Sierra's here in California. It's just one of many places that boomed durning the Goldrush and then shrunk to nearly nothing by 1900. It's getting bigger, though. It has a Wal*Mart and two Starbucks and there's talk of a Home Depot. One cool thing is that it has, I believe, the second oldest newspaper still running under the same name it's had since it started in the 1850s.

Jazz -- Yup, assholes.

And the book is fascinating, just repetative. It's inspired me to try and make sauerkraut, though.