Thursday, July 26, 2007


So, uh, yeah. Tomorrow's Fiction Friday probably won't be up until I get into work tomorrow, hopefully. Maybe later in the day. Probably. I'll get it up tomorrow. That is to say (write?) Friday.


In other news, the one of the people I interviewed with on Tuesday called SHTK, one of the personal contacts I listed, to ask her about me. She was honest with them, which is for the best, I think, which is also to say that she said some really great things about me (apparently, I have a very dry wit.) This is the first time any of the people I interviewed with have called one of my personal contacts. (The look of shock on SHTK's face when she was asked for was pretty funny, but I quickly reminded her that way back in December or January she said she'd be one of my contacts.) I don't think The PJ has been called, though. Maybe they don't think they have to call The PJ though, since they did ask for a copy of my most recent evaluation.

I'm not going to get all excited about this, though. There's no reason to. I won't get excited until I get the phone call that tells me that I'm hired. Then, I'll think about doing cartwheels down the hall and dancing up and down the stairs. (I won't actually do any cartwheels or dance, but it's the thought that counts, right?) Until then, I'll just assume that I'm not hired and barely being considered because, honestly, I don't mind being an ass.


heels said...


Wait... Where did you interview?

Anonymous said...

I agree, don't get too excited until the offer comes in *writing* and you have excepted it.

good luck!!


geewits said...

I don't see why they would call a personal contact unless they are interested, but I like your "I refuse to get excited" attitude. I don't know why I missed a few posts, but that sketchfu was cool. I did something similar a few years ago but I forgot what it was called. I may try this. Oh and good luck!

ticknart said...

The same place I go every time, Heels.

Wings -- I think I'll get excited even if I don't accept the offer.

Geewits -- Well, when my supervisor was call after previous interviews, I thought they were interested, but I still haven't recieved a letter or phone call about how they didn't want me, I had to hear about it from my aunt.

As fro Sketchfu, have fun!