Friday, July 13, 2007

5 Vibrations

I have been tagged by Jazz. The meme is about how I raise my vibrations. I assume it's supposed to be in a metaphysical sense rather than me saying earthquakes or cars with bad suspension. Jazz thinks I need to think more good thoughts right now, but really, I need to do that always.

My first thought was to do this:
Mr. Jazz because he makes Jazz so happy.
Rumpelstiltskin for turning straw into gold and then breaking himself into pieces.
Asphalt for trying to make the world one color.
Snot for helping to keep things out of my lungs.
And Hamstein, you know why.
But that just didn't seem right.

Okay, here's the real one in the order in which I think of them:


If reading were food and drink, I'd be the size of the planet by now. My second memory is one of being read to by my dad. We were reading Sam and the Firefly and at the end of some sentences he'd stop and let me say the word.

I don't really remember when I started reading on my own, when I could pick up one of the books and sit and read it to myself, but I remember the first time I read The Berenstain Bears.

I try to carry a book with me wherever I go because far too often when it's not with me, I get stuck with nothing.

I'll read just about anything, although most poetry bores me because a lot if it, to me, seems to be about the self gratification of the person who wrote it, rather than about an experience for the reader. And I'm stuck.

I'm not sure what else to say about reading. I just like it. It's something that I do well, and do a lot, that offers me infinite rewards in all its forms.


There is nothing in this world like experiencing a live play. Nothing. I don't know what it is, but sitting in a seat watching people on a stage perform, the view of which is partially blocked by some guy's head, is one of the best things ever. Musical, comedy, drama, whatever the show is I become more captivated by the goings on on a stage than I do by almost anything else. Maybe it's because it's live and I'm experiencing it as the actors are acting it. Maybe it's because things that don't happen in real life--soliloquies, asides, songs--can happen on stage. Maybe it's because everything outside of the actors depend on my imagination to make it real.

The first time I saw a real play at a real theater is one of my favorite memories. My parents took me with them to see The Music Man performed by a local repertory theater. We got there late, so we couldn't sit together. I sat with my mom in the balcony; my dad was down on the floor. I can remember the train car from the beginning sitting on the stage and how even though it didn't move, all the actors shook and jiggled in unison as if it did. The thing that really blew my mind was the scene where Prof Hill followed Marian home, after she chased him away, she walked up the porch of the tiny house, opened the door, and the cast came out and turned the house so we saw the inside and they placed furniture around the stage and wheeled a piano out for Amaryllis to practice on. Suddenly the stage that was a street became the inside of a house. It was amazing.

And now it gets hard. These'll be shorter and you need to know that I haven't done any of these things in a very long time.

Roller Coasters

From the harness clicking into place, to the clack-clack as the car get pulled up the first hill, to the dips and the turns and the loops there isn't much that makes me feel as good as a riding a roller coaster. When you can find that right spot that gets the best free fall, no ride is better.

Good Conversation

These are those moment when you're with friends and everyone is completely comfortable with each other and it's on the edge of being too late, but you're all having so much fun and laughing so much that no one wants to stop. There is not set topic and no topic is taboo, the only requirement is that you let everyone have their turn because everyone has something to share, even if it isn't always directly related to what's actually happening. And even the things that seem serious are funny.

Sleeping In

I have rarely slept past 8 AM in my life. If I do, I'm usually up before 8:30. It doesn't matter what time I fell asleep the night before, I just can't do it. So, those days that I make it to 9 (I haven't slept past 10 AM since I was 10 years old and my mom got worried about me and woke me up to see if I was okay.) are like little flecks of gold among the sand.
Cripes, that was hard. I'm not going to tag anyone because it's just not something I do.


the mooooooo said...

You did a good job.

I think you should do a list every week. Just what you want to hear, huh?

Jazz said...

I liked this...

- Asphalt for trying to make the world one color.
- Snot for helping to keep things out of my lungs.

I rarely go to the theatre and every time I do I tell myself I have to go more often. And then I don't and I kick myself the next time I go because it's been so long.

Geez it's tough being me...

ticknart said...

Mooooooo -- It would get boring repeating the same things each week.

Jazz -- It's what snot is there for and I'm glad of it every day I don't wake up with pneumonia.