Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Finished reading Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, by Helen Fielding, just before class this evening. Was v. good, v. funny. Was inspired to write review of book, even though wrote review of new H. Potter film last night. Was also inspired to write review of book in style of book. Maybe annoying, but fun for person writing.

Loaned book by mum. Said it was funny and she liked it v. much, even though she hadn’t read the first book and hadn’t seen the movie. Seen the movie, but not read the book. Since finished other book, the brilliant Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, by Gregory Maguire , and couldn’t find Snowcrash, which was loaned to me by a friend and now lost in mess of room, decided to read this.

It’s about Bridget Jones, if you couldn’t have guessed. A woman in love, but in danger of destroying all relationships with non-gay men. A woman with a job, but in constant danger of losing it due to not wanting to compromise her journalistic “integrity.”A woman with flaws that she insists on fixing, but enjoys vices v. much and can not completely give them up. A woman who has a v. big hole in her flat.

Learned from the book that being chronically late for work is a v. bad thing. That six months without sex is 14,515,200 secs. without sex. That prison is a v. good place to lose weight. That women may actually want to shag Tony Blair. That sometimes women and men have trouble expressing honest emotions. That parents are crazy. That “Gaaah” is a great word.

Joined Bridget on drunken ski trip. While saving a life at the lake. While babysitting. At a three-year-old’s birthday. In Thailand. At parent’s house. On interview with Colin Firth. Losing and gaining weight. While drunkenly writing Christmas cards and soberly learning what she wrote.

Laughed v. much while reading this book. Read at work and many times interrupted what others were doing by guffawing.

People at work must assuredly think am gay now. Their problem, not mine. Reading book worth that.

PS Of course movie being made out of this book, since other movie huge success with Oscar nom. and everything. Would be v. funny if Bridget still interviews Colin Firth. V. funny having Colin Firth play Mark Darcy, who Bridget dates, and himself, who she loves, in that way people love celebrities.

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