Wednesday, June 02, 2004

It's too darn hot, too darn hot, too darn hot...

Tomorrow is my first review at Starbucks. At the 'Bucks, each employee is supposed to be reviewed for raises and such every six months. The seventeenth will be two years since I was first hired by the company, but I still call this my first review.

The one that was supposed to be the first, in December of 2001, something was sent into the company because I got a raise in pay, but neither manager sat down to discuss the process with me, or give me info on how I could improve as an employee (even though I doubt I would have listened to them).

The one that is considered my second happened five weeks after it was supposed to and after I had put in my notice to quit. (I was talked to about the review this time by the assistant manager because she wanted me to stay, but I couldn't, the manager and I just didn't get along.)

The third was turned in as a satisfactory notice by the former assistant manager, who became manager the day before I was re-hired. It was all satisfactory, and I didn't get a raise, because I'd be away from 'Bucks for a while. Mostly, it was just to allow me to transfer to a store here in Cowcity.

So, that's why I consider tomorrow my first. The manager at my store is actually going to sit down with me and explain what's going on and tell me what I'm doing well and how I can improve in other areas. I'm a bit worried. After working for this company for almost two years I hope that I may learn how this place works.

I'm also a bit upset. My store needs new Shift Supervisors, at least two, maybe three and, to the best of my knowledge, all of them are coming from out of our store. The management isn't just accepting transferring supervisors. No. They're planning on transferring in new Baristas (my level) and training them to be supervisors. That'd be okay with me, if the management had offered the jobs to people within the store first. But they didn't.

Does this seem fucked up to anyone else?

I'm not saying that I want the job. Honestly, I don't. But if it had been offered to me, I'd probably have said yes because I want that extra dollar an hour and the promise of 30+ hours each week (unlike currently where I'm scheduled for 22-30 hours each week and I have to scrounge for hours from other stores in Cowcity). I don't have to be offered the promotion, though, I just want someone else in the store to be offered. There are two people in the store, neither of which are me, who would be good supervisors, and they already have duties that supervisors are supposed to have (ie ordering pastries).

I don't know if I'll bring any of this up tomorrow. I probably should, though, but I don't want to be pegged as a problem-child by this manger. My loud, sarcastic, and, usually, right opinions are what I think caused my problems with the second jackass manager I had.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll know what I said to my manager and I'm sure to know what she thinks.

This is why I'm nervous.

On another note:

The last season of one of my favorite shows, The Drew Carey Show, is starting to be aired tonight.

I'm not sure what to expect. Last season was pretty weak, but I laughed a lot. I was confused when the show disappeared in December and didn't reappear until the summer, last season, but I was happy to see the new episodes.

Apparently, ABC has a full season worth of episodes to show this summer. Showing two new episodes a week, that's eleven weeks of new Drew Carey. I hope it's still funny. Sure, it'll be hard to live up to: "Father, is there a pew in you rectory?" but I can hope.

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