Saturday, June 12, 2004


I'm back. I'm sunburned. I'm tired. I have a headache.

The graduation was boring, and included all the necessary We-Are-Off-To-A-New-Place-And-Hope-To-Make-The-World-Better speeches. I read a book.

It was good to see the brothers, the brothers' S. others, friends of brother, and parents. There was much laughing last night, and several showers were offered. Best thing said was:
"When you get a girlfriend, I'll have to tell her how to do that."

"I can see it now. 'Hi, I'm J___'s oldest friend's mother and I'm here to teach you how to touch your boyfriend.'"
I, unlike others who I know, am not one who enjoys driving, or road trips. They are exhausting. I drove more than 300 miles in two days. Way too much for me. My legs got stiff. I had to buy gas both days. Good radio stations would go fuzzy and disappear over a hill, with nothing good to replace it. Polka playing Spanish stations were everywhere. The sun beat on my sunburn the whole trip back. I have a headache.

Anyone want to drive back east with me?

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